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Makin' Markers

I love beaded stitch markers, but find that they tend to snag on the work-in-progress. About a year ago, I had an idea to make some fun stitch markers using seed beads that wouldn't dangle, and I really loved how they turned out. Here's a set that will be winging its way to my Sockapalooza4 Sock Pal on August 2nd:


I've been giving these stitch markers as gifts to knitting friends and have finally decided to put some up for sale on Etsy. So in honor of my new shop, I'm going to do my first ever blog giveaway! I made ten stitch markers from some gorgeous clear seed beads lined with opalescent metallic green paint:

Click here for a closeup of one of the markers.

I will give five of these markers to the first two people to leave me a comment telling me that they would like them!


Yes, I would love them. They are so pretty. I'm in Australia, though, so if postage is an issue, never mind.

Yes, please! I love them, too.

Hi Kate and Danielle,
I've just sent you both emails, please email me your mailing addresses and I'll send the markers right out!

Great idea!! They look pretty and useful at the same time!

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